Blogger Ranking Statistics and Bit of History Summary

CaptureNow a day, Blogger is ranked 47th in global, 43rd in USA base on Alexa website rankings statistics, it proves that internationally Blogger has so many users and page visit & views on the daily statistic basis. Using blogger is a bit different in a variety of publishing , you can make more changes until you are satisfied with which is best for you to promote whatever you want to put on your blog page. Anyhow, many of blogger users their purposes is to get more chances to get approved for Google Adsense, that’s why most Of approve Google Adsense, member highly recommends that don’t put any third-party Ads on your blog page if your target is Google Ads.

Although, using this is template make your chance to earn extra income is drastically decreased because of Ads is hiding and foremost of the time if you are navigating on another page/menu/ published blogs suddenly, page menus and other widget side is hiding the only remained is an RSS Feed and left side bar which is a list of your blogs. Therefore, I am suggesting not to use this template if you Don’t know how modifies Dyamic Layout. In this case you noticed that you need more strong, great strategy fundamental platforms to build more audiences.Building an audience on blogger is not easy despite of so you many people are using blogger all over the world.

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